Charlottetown ~ Stratford PE Automotive Belts & Hoses

Wendell Taylor's Garage

Wendell Taylor's Garage offers complete automotive belt and hose repair services at our auto repair shop in Charlottetown ~ Stratford. Our team of auto mechanics understands that the belts and hoses in your vehicle play an important role in the smooth operation of the engine, air conditioning, charging, and cooling systems in your automobile. Failure to adhere to the manufacturer-recommended replacement schedule can result in your car breaking down and leaving you stranded somewhere in or around the Charlottetown ~ Stratford area.

The belts we repair and service at our Charlottetown ~ Stratford auto repair center that keep your vehicle operating smoothly include the serpentine belt, fan belt, drive belt (V-Belt), and timing belt. The timing belt is used to maintain the synchronization necessary for the camshaft and crankshaft to maintain the timing of your engine. Power is transmitted from the front of the engine to various vehicle accessories, including the air conditioning and charging system by the serpentine belt, V-belt, and fan belt. Coolant fluid is passed through the engine, radiator, and heater core using the upper/lower radiator hoses and heater hose.

Timing belts are not used in all automobiles. The serpentine or drive belts are sometimes used exclusively by a vehicle to provide all the power necessary for its accessories. Other vehicles use a combination of serpentine and drive belts to power vehicle accessories.

Various Charlottetown ~ Stratford driving conditions can contribute to the wear and tear of your vehicle's belts and hoses. Some conditions include the age and mileage of your car or truck, the tension of your belts, hose clamp failure, contaminated oil, and electrolytic corrosion. Symptoms that you might be having problems with your belts or hoses include the presence of a squeaking noise from under your hood, coolant leaks, dashboard light warnings, failure of the air conditioning, and engine overheating. So whatever your automotive service and repair need may be, bring your car or truck to our Charlottetown ~ Stratford auto repair shop and let the team of automotive repair professionals at Wendell Taylor's Garage be of service to you.

Belts & Hoses FAQ

Wendell Taylor's Garage is pleased to offer answers to frequently asked questions about the belts & hoses services offered at our business in Charlottetown ~ Stratford.

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