Charlottetown ~ Stratford PE Automotive Battery Charging Starting

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Wendell Taylor's Garage is the leader in Charlottetown ~ Stratford for the service and repair of auto charging systems. Our Charlottetown ~ Stratford auto shop staff take the time to educate our customers in knowing that the battery, starting, and charging systems in their car or truck play pivotal roles in ensuring the dependable operation of your vehicle while driving in and around Charlottetown ~ Stratford. The car battery stores electrical energy that is then converted by the starter into the mechanical force necessary to start your engine. The alternator then serves the purpose of producing the electrical current — initially provided by the car battery — that is necessary for the vehicle's electrical needs when the engine is running. The ignition module turns the low voltage supply to the ignition coil on and off, which in turn is converted to a higher voltage that is necessary for the vehicle's ignition system to operate. The voltage is used to engage the spark plugs and create the sparks that are necessary to ignite the combined air/fuel mixture in the car engines cylinders. It is this ignition that is ultimately used to power the pistons that in turn begin the rest of the process of powering your car or truck.

There are various factors that contribute to the wear and tear of your vehicle's battery, charging and starting systems. For example, the frequent turning on and off of your automobile when running errands in Charlottetown ~ Stratford will cause more wear and tear than a daily commute to and from your Charlottetown ~ Stratford workplace. Other factors that affect the wear and tear of the battery, charging, and starting system include Charlottetown ~ Stratford driving and weather conditions, overall mileage, vehicle age, and various automotive components like in-vehicle entertainment systems that cause an excessive electrical draw.

The symptoms you may experience that indicate possible problems with your battery, charging, and starting systems include the dimming of headlights and interior lights, the “check engine”, battery light coming on, or the failure of various car or truck accessories.

The mechanics at our Charlottetown ~ Stratford auto repair shop are expertly trained in the complete service and repair of car and truck batteries, charging, and starting systems. If you think you are having problems with any of the components of your charging and starting system bring your car or truck to our Charlottetown ~ Stratford automotive repair service center and let us be of assistance.

Battery Charging Starting FAQ

Wendell Taylor's Garage is pleased to offer answers to frequently asked questions about the battery charging starting services offered at our business in Charlottetown ~ Stratford.

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