What Is The Cost To Fix Or Replace Brakes?

When asked by our auto repair shop's customers in the greater Charlottetown ~ Stratford area how much it will cost to fix or replace their brakes our brake specialists tell them the cost will vary depending on what needs to be done to ensure they are back on the roads of greater Charlottetown ~ Stratford safely. Wendell Taylor's Garage advises anyone in the Charlottetown ~ Stratford area that may be hearing brake noises, including squeaking, screeching, or grinding that they should immediately come to Wendell Taylor's Garage and let us do a brake inspection on their vehicle. A brake repair can involve any one of several different things, including worn out brake pads, calipers or drums may be a problem, as may the master cylinder, individual wheel cylinders, or a lack of brake fluid. When considering the cost of a total brake repair in Charlottetown ~ Stratford, including cylinders, pads, drums, rotors, and calipers, the cost of a brake repair can run around $750 if not more.