Our Staff


Wendell took Dave in under his wing many years ago. They had a wonderful relationship, Wendell called and asked Dave if he would like to buy the business because he was thinking of retirement. Dave said yes, and worked alongside of Wendell for a few years before Dave and Jeni bought the business in June 2011.

Dave was the type of person that everybody loved. He had an unforgettable smile and a personality to match. Dave passed away from a rare blood disorder in September 2015.

Jeni, who had made the majority of business decision along with Dave and managed the books for 8 years, decided to resign from her full time job and take over managing the garage.

Shop Foreman

Jeff has been working for Wendell Taylor’s Garage since 2006. He is our shop foreman and he brings a great sense of humor, great business sense and wealth of electrical knowledge in diagnosing and repairing any make and model. He is a huge asset to our shop. He is amazing with customers, and strives for perfection in everything he does. He is an excellent coach to our players here at the garage.

What can I say about Wendell. He started the business over 40 years ago, and has been going strong since. Wendell, although semi retired still completes MVI for antique cars, and is always willing to come in and give us a hand, so Scott and Soub can continue with their schooling or somebody can enjoy their well deserved vacation.

Service Manager

Scott is almost as old as the shop. He has been working for Wendell Taylor’s Garage since 1989. He is a Red Seal Automotive Technician since 1987 years and hung up his wrenches to become our Service Manager in 2012. Scott has a great sense of humour and has a very contagious laugh.

Service Advisor

Stacey has been a Service Advisor with us since June 2014. You will see her smiling face at the front counter when dropping off or picking up your car. Stacey keeps us organized and keeps us all in line.

Volkswagen Specialist

Clarence has worked with Wendell Taylor’s Garage since 2012, but has been working in the field for over 30 years. Clarence speciality is working on Volkswagen but he also will work on any make or model. Clarence is a kind, gentle person who makes the customers feel at ease.

Barry started with the garage for in 2003. Barry is the type of guy that does everything. He does oil changes, cleans brakes, maintains equipment, and will help anybody who needs a hand. Barry will even drives customers where they need to go in the morning or the afternoon. Barry always has a good story to tell and is ready to have a good laugh at anytime.

Automotive Technician

Soubhi, otherwise knows as Scooby Doo, is a great asset to our shop. He has been working with our shop since 2015. He is extremely “techi” and he is always able to figure out the problem.

Soubhi has completed his 4th block at Holland College, and has obtained his Service Station License and Motor Vehicle Inspection License.

Automotive Technician

Scott, also known as 2.0, has been working with Wendell Taylor’s Garage since 2015. Scott has a background in Electronic Engineering Technology. He has completed his 4th block and has graduated from automotive technician course at Holland College. Scott intends to write his Red Seal very soon. He has worked at a variety of other dealerships and we are lucky to have him working for us.

Scott is always on time, loves to work on electrical issues, and is always kind, thoughtful and respectful.

Automotive Technician

Brett has been working with Wendell Taylor’s Garage for many years. He has his Red Seal in Automotive. He has worked at a variety of other dealerships and has a lot of experience.


Jacob has been with Wendell Taylor's Garage since July of 2016. He helps out in the shop when he is not at school taking Automotive. He is great to have around the shop to help out!

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